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Pipeline overview

Here art LUT we believe sharing is caring, certainly when it come to our pipeline. That's why we put this page together to allow other artists and studios to work in the same way. We think that with the right input from everyone we can get to a place where freelance artists and studios can work together on a known pipeline. We use 3Dsmax as our base 3D package so this works for us, but it might not work for you. 



Folder Structure.

First up is Folder structure. Every company has one and it's like a local curry house. It's always the best one. We've developed a folder structure which is designed as a base. We have used it for Arch Vis and VFX work.

A couple of things to note. We start every project folder with a company number. Something that a lot of companies use to trace back to invoices and email etc. Then we go into the name of the project. We try and keep it short and sweet. 

Secondly, we date folders in a backwards format. This is so that windows displays them in order. Looks strange but it works great. So for example 20180704 would be 4th July 2019. 


Photoshop Structure

Just like in the folder structure, it’s important to have order within Photoshop. We have come up with the one shown on the left hand size. It’s available to download below as a Photoshop action.


Feature 3

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