What if England won the world cup


The world cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world; And when we were asked to produce a series of small visual effects shots for the BBC via Chief Productions we had to say yes. See below the full animation and out work on the sequence. 

Our sequences. Our main responsibilities were the 3D work. Namely getting the white cliffs of Dover to have the text of "White cliffs of Dier" embossed onto the face of the cliff and a stylised photograph or Eric Dier himself.

Our second task was around Deli Ali day. A new bank holiday announced by the Queen. We had two main shots where we were asked to produce a banner drop with pictures of Deli Ali and then our final shot of the Queen doing a Dab. See our breakdown to see how we made this happen.

Breakdown of Queen Dab. Fist things first was to replace all the British flags with England flags. We did this in Photoshop and then overlaid them over the footage. The next step was the Queen. We keyed the immediate area surrounding here and then used a garbage matte for the rest. Finally we add in the background with some blur to add depth to the shot. See our breakdown below.