We create innovative and complex sequences for high-end television. The team works closely with clients throughout every phase of the creative process, from VFX design and previs to CG animation. Core specialities include CG environment work and invisible effects.


Hyundai i30n

The Wash Studio - Hyundai i30n campaign was our first major print and TV commercial venture. The project comprised of two different parts for us. The fist part was the TV spots. These were broken down into a 60 second advert and two 15 second spots. The second part was a print and billboard campaign.

Working alongside Andy Walmsley at Wash Studio, LUT helped to create the CG petrol head which expressed options about the i30n, all with their own style. We see a variety of scenarios amongst the users from the spot check to the track meet at night.


Hyundai i30n Fastback

The Wash Studio - Hyundai i30n Fastback campaign was the second instalment of the petrol heads. This talking on a different theme, playing on the term “Tailoring for Petrol Heads“. We completed a 60 and 30 second campaign and a series of still to complement the advert.


BBC World Cup

The world cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world; And when we were asked to produce a series of small visual effects shots for the BBC via Chief Productions we had to say yes. See below the full animation and out work on the sequence.